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Opinion: There’s No Right Way to Eat Meat

What is the “right” approach to meat?  There’s no doubt that industrial animal agriculture carries... (more)

Olivia Oldham and Katie Revell
Opinion: To Make a Real Impact on Climate Change, We Must Move...

As a researcher of urban agriculture, I was shocked to see a recent news article... (more)

Laney Siegner
March 20, 2024
Opinion: Farmers Are Dropping Out Because They Can’t Access Land. Here’s How...

As a teenager, I distinctly remember my father telling me to not follow in the... (more)

Carly Boyer
March 12, 2024
Opinion: European Farmers Are Standing Up to Free Trade—Will US Farmers?

Dumping manure in public spaces, hurling eggs at government buildings, blocking major roads—the European farmers... (more)

Anthony Pahnke
February 26, 2024
Opinion: To Find the Future of Food, We Need to Look to...

The following is excerpted from Taras Grescoe’s The Lost Supper, and has been lightly edited... (more)

Taras Grescoe
February 20, 2024
Opinion: With Community Solar, It’s Not Renewable Energy vs. Rural Character

Across the US, solar is booming. Last year saw nearly 33 gigawatts of solar installation... (more)

Bruce Stewart
January 24, 2024
Opinion: Canada’s Ag Policies Need to Better Serve Local Farmers and Communities

Canada’s current agricultural production model is unsustainable and in desperate need of reform. A range... (more)

Richard Bloomfield, The Conversation
December 21, 2023
Opinion: It’s Time to Stop Underestimating the Scope of Food Fraud

Food fraud has been happening since humans first began to buy and sell food, thousands... (more)

Karen Constable
October 8, 2023
Opinion: The EATS Act Threatens Animal Welfare and Public Health While Protecting...

For too long, the pork industry has been permitted to inflict what amounts to criminal... (more)

Crystal Heath
September 19, 2023
Opinion: In American Agriculture, Size Matters

Small farmers are struggling. For decades, they’ve been told to “get big or get out,”... (more)

Brooks Lamb
September 6, 2023
Opinion: Cyberattacks Could Put Our Food Supply at Risk. Preparedness is Key

Advances in agriculture technology have allowed farmers to do incredible things in recent years. Beyond... (more)

Charles Eagan
August 23, 2023